The founder of Grupo Litoral, Don Reynaldo Canales, always demonstrated in multiple ways his love for his neighbor and a continuous desire to give back to society and his countrymen a bit of the blessings obtained throughout his life of hard work and dedication.

He always took every opportunity to help those around him who showed a visionary and entrepreneurial spirit, both with his wise advice and technical advice, as well as offering them financial support and opportunities.

Relying on the hardworking, visionary and eager to get ahead, Don Reinaldo always unconditionally supported those who approached him for help and solution to any problem. His altruistic work also extended to several charities whenever he had the chance.


Contribute to national development, seeking to improve the quality of life of the most needy, focused on the areas of education, health and charity in the North and South Areas of Honduras.

Our VisionOur VisionOur Vision
Our MissionOur MissionOur Mission


Formulate and execute sustainable projects of lasting impact through alliances with related institutions, focused on their three areas of coverage, under the institutional culture and values that characterize us.

Our Values


As agents of change in the zones
of influence we act in a  consistent
and responsible way, aligned to
the legacy of compliance and
dedication of our


We always conduct ourselves
with fair respect to our
fellow men, without
distinctions of race,
creed or gender.


We are committed to always act
with integrity and transparency
in every relationship and
activity in which we
we get involved.


Guided by the example, values and
principles of our founder, we
always drive with humility and
respect for human dignity
in our manifestations of
love of neighbor.


We remain sensitive and
with solidarity towards the
needs of our peers trying
to be positive agents
of change.


Our managers, volunteers and
strategic allies have the eagerness
to share knowledge, experience,
time and its resources, to
whom else they
need them.