The Reynaldo Canales Foundation concentrates the majority of its humanitarian aid in education, forming and developing the moral and emotional intellectual capacity of people. Following the legacy of our founder, also supporting talent and artistic skills in the community.


  • Catholic University of Honduras - UNICAH

  • Stanford University, USA

  • University of San Carlos, Guatemala - Postgraduate

Área de Educación Primary and Secondary Education
Honduran and Bilingual Education System
● Santa Teresa Bilingual School ● La Ceiba Bilingual School ● Liceo Militar Aeronáutico Bilingüe ● Palmeras Bilingual School ● Brassabola Bilingual School ● Mazapan Bilingual School ● Del Campo Bilingual School ● San Isidro Parish School ● Zoila de Santos Pineda Institute ● Mazapan Bilingual School Granting of Scholarships
More than 200 scholarships active in educational levels:
Undergraduate and Postgraduate University Level

  • Central American Technological University - UNITEC

  • Technological University Center - CEUTEC

Technical Level

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